Holiday Gift Certificates are now available from A Bed and Breakfast Connection. These gift certificates can be used at any of the accommodations on our website when you make a reservation through our service.

A gift certificate to a B&B is a wonderful present for someone because it is the giving of an experience. In the long run, people remember the moments that create lasting memories. They may not recall the tie, or the scarf, or the coffee mugs that you gave them in previous years. But, your friends and loved ones will remember a day or two spent in Philadelphia.

Here’s how A Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificate works: Simply call our office and speak to someone (800-448-3619) or fill in the Gift Certificate Request Form. The purchaser can choose a specific accommodation, or the purchaser can choose a dollar amount and let the recipient choose the property. Our properties from which to choose include private home stays, small boutique hotels, and classic Bed and Breakfasts. A Bed and Breakfast Connection will send a lovely, card stock quality, printed and personalized gift card. We can send the card directly to the recipient, or we can send the card to the purchaser. It takes just a few minutes to provide the information to us. Yet, you will have procured a gift that will create lasting memories!

How do I know this? One Christmas, about 30 years ago, my husband gave me a gift wrapped box. In it was a little, wooden ornament of a colonial house with a wreath on its front door. I learned from my husband that the house was meant to signify my present. The present was a gift certificate for a stay at a B&B not far from our home. Now, here I sit writing about this gift from my husband thirty years later. I still have the small wooden house, and every year when I hang it on my tree I recall the wonderful getaway weekend we both enjoyed at the B&B! I have never forgotten this gift, and I cherish the memories of that time we had together. I invite you to do the same for a friend or a loved one this year. Create lasting memories for someone by giving them A Bed and Breakfast Connection Gift Certificate!





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